Application range of solar street lamp

Release Time:2023-05-05

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The main application of lamppost

Smart road light pole is an important carrier of urban basic lighting, scenic spot lighting and outdoor digital sign construction, and plays a pivotal role in the development process of the new digital and information city. At present, the social development is mainly integrated development, and the single-function application is no longer suitable for the current development. It not only occupies urban resources, but also has low working efficiency. "One pole multi-purpose, multi-pole integration" is now the main application trend of smart road light pole.

The advantages of Chinese lights

In real life, intelligent road light poles are often integrated with LED smart lights, LED information release screen (lamp pole screen), cameras, traffic lights, which are the basic components of outdoor applications, but also the basis of ensuring outdoor safety and meeting information needs. Among them, the lamppost screen itself is also a multifunctional body, both information display, voice broadcasting, face recognition, voice intercom functions, rich intelligent lamppost application functions.