The advantages of Chinese lights

Release Time:2023-05-05

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Application range of solar street lamp

There are complex operation procedures in the mains lighting project. First of all, we should lay cables. Here, we should carry out the excavation of cable trench, laying of hidden pipe, threading inside the pipe, backfilling and a large number of basic works. There are fixed and high electricity charges in the work of the mains lighting fixtures. It is necessary to maintain or replace the lines and other configurations continuously for a long time, and the maintenance cost is increasing year by year. Integrated solar street lights free of electricity: Integrated solar street lights are one-time inputs without any maintenance costs. The construction of traditional electric street lamps is more complex, to move the earth, dig the ground, occupy the farmers and other places, it is easy to cause the contradiction between the project and the villagers, not easy to construction.

The main application of lamppost

Smart road light pole is an important carrier of urban basic lighting, scenic spot lighting and outdoor digital sign construction, and plays a pivotal role in the development process of the new digital and information city. At present, the social development is mainly integrated development, and the single-function application is no longer suitable for the current development. It not only occupies urban resources, but also has low working efficiency. "One pole multi-purpose, multi-pole integration" is now the main application trend of smart road light pole.